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GAST DOA-V191-AA 115V 4.2A Vacuum Pump (152284275083)
Gast Compressor Vacuum Pump DOA-V191-AA: For parts or Repair (282270506184)
GAST 115V, 4.0A, 60Hz, VACUUM PUMP DOA-V191-AA *PZB* (271244166892)
Gast DOA-V191-AA Oilless Diaphragm Vacuum Pump / 115V for lab laboratory (112820219129)
GAST Vacuum Pump DOA-V191-AA 115 V 60 hz 4.2 amps (111045589090)
Gast DOA-V191-AA Guzik Pump Combo 115V 4.2A 60Hz (262709575125)

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